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地址:Room 101, building 11, block B, Gaonong biological park headquarters, 888 Gaoxin Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province

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About us

Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., established in September 2012, is China's seed industry

Key enterprise Hubei Seed Group Co., Ltd. holding enterprise, registered capital of the company

In 2015, it passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and in 2016, it was approved by Wuhan Municipal People's government

Hanshi high tech Zone was rated as a gazelle enterprise, and was rated as Wuhan by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau in 2017

Municipal enterprise research and development center was rated as a high-tech enterprise by Wuhan high tech Zone in 2018,

The company is the vice president unit of China Seed Trade Association, with independent office space

More than 1600 square meters, mainly engaged in conventional rice, wheat and other field crops, as well as sesame, flower seeds

Melon, zucchini, radish and other vegetable crops.

The company has been committed to strengthening the union with scientific research institutes, Huazhong Agricultural University, river

South academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of vegetables and flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Daqing City

Agricultural watermelon Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other research institutes have jointly developed a series of high-tech

Technical products. The company takes the market as the guidance, takes the customer as the link, takes the network as the breakthrough,

Based on the principle of stable development backed by scientific research, efforts should be made to create "Qingfa Hesheng" and "IQs" products

Brand, in the innovation of varieties based on "three excellent", excellent quality, preferential price, excellent

In the cultivation of moral character, we should be sincere in dealing with people, doing things honestly and doing business with sincerity. In order to improve the quality, we should be realistic, practical and practical. The company actively and actively

Seed industry peers work together to establish a mutually beneficial ecological mechanism to promote the development of fine varieties

Popularization. The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "high quality, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency"

Jingchu, facing China, going to the world, opening up markets and serving farmers.